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Pros and Cons of Kidney Dialysis

2013-12-03 11:57

Pros and Cons of Kidney DialysisWhat are the pros and cons of dialysis for kidney failure? When it comes to kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant are the two topics that we have to mention. Kidney transplant is a medical procedure which can help to kidney problem radically in some cases. However, as it is really hard to find a matched kidney within limited time, dialysis becomes the most commonly used life-sustaining method for patients whose kidneys have failed completely for some reasons. Since dialysis is the major method for kidney failure, it is necessary for kidney failure patients to learn about the pros and cons of dialysis before they start it.

Pros of kidney dialysis

Dialysis plays an important role for people suffering from kidney failure, as it shows direct and quick effects in purifying blood. We know kidney is the organ that takes charge of filtering blood. When kidney can not work properly, harmful substances in blood can not be excreted successfully. In such a case, these wastes will build up in the blood, which may cause damages on other internal organs. Therefore, timely dialysis can help to lowered down sufferers’ risk for serious complications of kidney failure like heart failure, nerve problems and digestive discomforts. Also, for people with completely failed kidney, if they can not find a matched or they can not afford a surgery for kidney transplant in near future, dialysis is their only option for them to keep being alive.

Cons of kidney dialysis

Dialysis helps failed kidneys to purify blood, but unfortunately, it can not help damaged kidney to restore kidney function. Therefore, once patients start dialysis, they usually need to do it regularly, unless their kidney function is improved to the level that is able to sustain one’s life. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood and during this process, kidney intrinsic cells can get oxygen and many others nutrition from blood. However, for people on dialysis, when their blood is filtered by dialysis machine, bloodstream in their kidney will decrease greatly. If this condition lasts for a long time, residual kidney intrinsic cells will become necrotic gradually. Therefore, starting dialysis early is not beneficial for kidney failure patients.

Besides, dialysis helps to prolong lifespan, but many kidney failure patients are reluctant to do dialysis as long-term usage of dialysis will cause lots of terrible side effects like low blood pressure, headache, extremely tiredness, and skin itching and muscle cramp and so on.

Lastly, dialysis is helpful, but it is not ideal. For patients who have no urine output as long as half of a year, there is no method can help to improve their kidney condition, but for patients who still have a certain urine output, it is quite possible to restore some kidney function. We know kidney is the key for blood to keep being clean. When kidney function is restored successfully, kidney failure patients can get off dialysis under doctor’s direction, or they can reduce dialysis frequency effectively.

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