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Creatinine 8.8 and Urea 140, Is There Any Alternative to Dialysis

2017-11-26 15:47

Creatinine 8.8 and Urea 140, Is There Any Alternative to DialysisIs there any alternative to dialysis in condition of creatinine 8.8 and urea 140?” If you have the similar query, please contact Online Doctor.

What do creatinine 8.8 and urea 140 mean?

Both creatinine 8.8 and urea 140 show the kidney has been damaged so badly that it can not hold its own functions enough any more. In this case, the patients will have various discomforts or even high risk for life. As a result, dialysis is needed to prolong life be filtering the blood through a machine.

Why do the patients seek for alternative to dialysis?

You know, dialysis can lower the creatinine level and urea level, but it does not improve kidney function. Besides, the patients with dialysis have to endure weakness, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, etc. Additionally, as the dialysis can not take away all the toxic deposition, the kidney function will be less and less. And finally, only transplant can help the patients.

Which option should the patients take?

Except for dialysis, the patients can do some Chinese medicines to manage the serum creatinine 8.8 and urea 140 fundamentally and safely. Such as:

Toxin-Removing Therapy. Since a series of natural treatments are put use into this treatment for the purpose of relieving the symptoms and offering a rewarding surrounding for the kidney to resume spontaneously.

Immunotherapy. During the treatment which is composed of six step including: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune protection and immune adjustment, special herbs will be applied to enhance the immunity and kidney self-healing ability. And thus, kidney function will be increased bit by bit.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This external application of Chinese medicine is very popular in the world owing to its great function of improving kidney function safely.

Besides, other treatments containing Oral Chinese Medicine, Steaming Therapy, Cupping Therapy and so on can also help the patients recover better with few adverse reactions.

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