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What To Do For My Mother Undergoing Dialysis to Be Cured

2017-11-29 14:11

What To Do For My Mother Undergoing Dialysis to Be CuredI am from Philippines and I need your help. My mother undergoes dialysis and her case is chronic disease, stage five. Please tell us on what to do for her to be cured. I mean I want her body to be back to normal and healthy like before. Her dialysis schedule is three times a week. I hope you can help us and please notice my message.

Hello. According to what you described, I can know that your mother’s kidney is damaged so badly. But I still need to know more about her condition to tell you whether she can get rid of dialysis without a surgery.

You know, the kidney is the primary organ which takes the function of secretion, creation, metabolism and excretion for maintaining the balance of internal environment. When it is damaged by a number of factors like high blood pressure, poor circumstance, unhealthy diets, diabetes and others, the patients will suffer from edema, headache, hematuria, back pain and other complications or even be in mortal danger as time goes by. What is worse, as more and more toxin which should be cleared up by the kidneys are gathered in the body increasingly, the kidney function will be less and less. Additionally, dialysis remove some unnecessary things from body to alleviate certain discomforts but not repair any kidneys. This is why your mother needs to go for dialysis timely.

Here, I recommend she to try some treatments working on resuming kidney functions so as to return to the normal life. Such as: Toxin-Removing Therapy can help her provide a cleaned and salutary surrounding naturally; Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is in widespread use in order to revive kidney function safely and successfully through save the diseased but not necrotic renal intrinsic cells; Immunotherapy which combines the advantages of both Chinese medicine and Western medicines to enhance immunity and kidney self-repairing capital naturally; etc.

However, I need to know more information about her illness conditions. Would you send her test reports to me? Based on them, I can tell you whether she can break away from dialysis and how to return to the healthy life.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will try our best to help you.

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