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How Chinese Medicine Working On Restoring Kidney Failure with Dialysis

2018-01-12 13:46

How Chinese Medicine Working On Restoring Kidney Failure with Dialysis“Hello, sir. I have been on dialysis for four courses. And the doctor recommended transplant. I have no issues of urination. Before opting for transplant I would like to try Chinese medicine and hope to recover from it. Is it still available for me? How does Chinese medicine work on restoring my condition?

Hello, please do not worry. According to your brief description, you are likely to get rid of dialysis and return to a better life with Chinese medicines.

In fact, many kidney disease patients from 148 countries have been treated with characteristic treatments involving Acupuncture, Foot Bath Therapy, Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy and other natural treatments in which we adopted Chinese medicines as majority and Western medicines. As a result, some carry on with a normal life, some keep the creatinine level in a low range, some extend the period of dialysis and some stop dialysis successfully. In a word, whether you can live away from dialysis associated with so many factors like complications, other diseases, diets and so on.

Clinically, the key step to recover kidney function is to expel away all the dangerous things from body. And Chinese medicine can reach this goal with less side effects. Since it can eliminate stasis to stop pain, dispel wind to eliminate dampness, rebuild homeostasis, relieve renal anemia and renal anoxia, etc, the symptoms will be controlled and the kidney function will be heightened. So that, dialysis is not needed in this case.

If possible, would you give your latest medical reports to us? Or you can transfer me your physical situation in details. I need to analyze it and give you the right diet and treatment suggestions.

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