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What Should We Do To Reduce Creatinine 4.6 Apart from Dialysis

2018-01-11 15:21

What Should We Do To Reduce Creatinine 4.6 Apart from DialysisCreatinine 4.6 demonstrates the patients are in a pivotal period to revert their illness. Nevertheless, what should we do to reduce creatinine 4.6 apart from dialysis?

Do you clearly know why the patients need dialysis? If not, you can find out some useful information in this part.

Generally speaking, creatinine 4.6 means a lot of toxins and wastes have been assembled in the body as a result of the serious damaged kidneys. In the same time, some complications will also occur, if one or some of these lead to life-threatening, dialysis will be adopted so as to cleanse the blood and thus alleviate the symptoms. In this case, most of the patients can stop it after the condition is stabilized. However, if they do not take any effective treatments, the kidney function will be damaged worse and worse, and serum creatinine goes up to higher. Later, they have no choice but dialysis or transplant to extend life spay, although there are many disadvantages of these two traditional treatments.

According to the above analysis, I recommend the patients to follow a healthy lifestyle and renal diets as well as Chinese medicine rather than dialysis.

This special treatment is aimed at prompting vasodilation, expediting blood circulation, eliminating most of deposited toxins and wastes, adjust immune system and so on to prevent more kidney problem. As a matter of fact, Chinese medicine involving Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Moxibustion, Toxin-Removing Therapy or some therapies else ought to be put into use in the light of the patients’ current illness conditions. Hence, less side effects will appear and the patients can feel better. Additionally, not only the creatinine 4.6 is reduced, and the patients can lead to a normal life.

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