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Adequate Dialysis Means A Lot For Uremia Patient

2016-09-10 17:12

To be frankly, adequate dialysis means a lot for Uremia patient, although it cannot cure this disease totally, but it can help the patient have a better life.

How can dialysis treat Uremia?

Uremia is also known as the end stage renal disease. It is the common clinical syndrome of varied end-stage renal disease. When people get renal failure, the kidney can not maintain normal work, and the metabolic waste and extra water can’t be expelled, which lead to the accumulation of toxin, water retention, anemia and so on. There are three common dialysis ways, which are hemodialysis, PD dialysis and colon dialysis, which uses machine to lead the patients’ blood outside the body, and eliminate extra toxin and water and send the blood back to body again.

Because of economic problems, many patients stop dialysis when the symptoms improved, then leading the deterioration of disease. Experts think that irregular dialysis make the extra toxin and water can not be expelled on time, and relict renal function lose further.

If patient maintain adequate dialysis and right life style, their disease can be controlled in a while. adequate dialysis is that people should do dialysis 2 or 3 time a week,4 to 5 hour each time. Patients with uremia need to know their disease well, take treatment positively, stick to regular dialysis and regain confidence in life.

In fact, except dialysis, there are some other ways can treat kidney failure without no much side effects that is Chinese Medicine. If you want to know more details about Chinese Medicine or want to treat Uremia effectively, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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