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Is FSGS with Proteinuria 1500 Per 24h and Creatinine 3 Curable

2017-11-21 10:51

Is FSGS with Proteinuria 1500 Per 24h and Creatinine 3 CurableIs FSGS with proteinuria 1500 per 24h and creatinine 3 curable?” I do believe so many patients who have trouble with FSGS, proteinuria or high creatinine level want to gain the positive feedback.

However, there is no method to cure the FSGS with proteinuria 1500 and creatinine 3 completely up to now. Why? Generally speaking, there are three kinds of renal intrinsic cells: healthy ones, diseased ones and died ones. What we can do in clinic is to protect healthy cells and repair damaged cells, but we can do nothings to the necrotic ones.

What is FSGS? And is it dangerous for one with proteinuria 1500 and creatinine 3?

FSGS is also called Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, in which some glomeruli of the kidneys can not work well to filter the blood precisely. And thus, some macromolecular substances such as protein will be leaked and expelled from body as urine, which is called proteinuria. Besides, creatinine 3 means the patients have been in stage 3 kidney disease, in which process, the patients will suffer from swelling, headache, high blood pressure and others. Also, a great deal of poisons built up into the body in this case would turn back to damage the kidneys. So that, the patients are in a sore need of effective treatments to live a normal life.

Which option is better for the FSGS patients with proteinuria 1500 and creatinine 3?

Toxin-Removing Therapy, what has a excellent function of taking away creatinine 3 and proteinuria 1500, will make use of a sequence of natural treatments to clean up internal environment and offer a beneficial surrounding for the kidney to resume better.

In the meanwhile, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or other natural treatments involving Oral Chinese Medicine, Hot Compress Therapy, Steaming Therapy and others will help improve kidney function with effects. As a result, the creatinine 3 will be cut down, the proteinuria 1500 will be faded away, and these two symptom can not relapse easily.

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