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How to Stop Releasing Protein in Urine with FSGS

2013-11-06 14:17

How to Stop Releasing Protein in Urine with FSGSHow to stop releasing protein in urine with FSGS? FSGS is an illness that can cause severe protein leakage. Protein is an important nutrition for our body, so when large amounts of protein are lost from urine, our life will be affected. Therefore, stopping protein from getting into urine is very important. Well, how to stop releasing protein in urine with FSGS?

How does FSGS cause protein in urine?

Proteinuria is also called foamy urine or bubbly urine. Kidney performs filtration function through glomeruli, a part of nephron. When glomeruli are injured for some reason, glomerular filtration membrane has difficulties in preserving protein in blood; as a result, protein leak into urine. In general, the severer the kidney damages are, the more protein in urine.

How to stop releasing protein in urine with FSGS?

For FSGS patients, there are healthy, injured and necrotic glomeruli in their kidney. For these necrotic glomeruli, they have lost their working ability completely and it is impossible to revive them at all. However, for these glomeruli that are injured but still have a certain function, they can be repaired effectively by activating them and increasing their self-curative ability. We know glomerulus takes charge of filtering blood, so when much more glomeruli perform function, renal filtration function is improved and also protein leakage is remitted or stopped.

Besides, to receive better treatment effects, FSGS patients also need to:

1. Make diet changes according to their specific illness condition.(Leave message to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com to get information about diet for FSGS)

2. Prevent cold and infection effectively

3. Avoid being tiredness and staying up

4. Kick bad living habits like smoking and drinking alcohol

In a word, proteinuria is just one of the symptoms of FSGS and if patients want to stop releasing protein in urine effectively, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is the essential part.

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