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How Does FSGS Affect Bones

2013-11-13 15:10

How Does FSGS Affect BonesThough bone problems are not so common in FSGS, some patients with FSGS do experience bone diseases such as bone pain and bone weakness. Most of them can’t understand why bone health is associated with FSGS, one kidney disease. Thereby, how does FSGS affect bones?

What is FSGS?

FSGS refers to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in which there is scarring in glomeruli. Glomeruli are responsible for not only filtering out waste products and toxins but also helping keep electrolyte and fluid balance. However, when these kidney filters are damaged, they will fail to work so that the inner body system becomes disorder accordingly.

How does FSGS cause bone problems?

Calcium is one important mineral for bone health. For people with FSGS, bone health is easy to be disturbed for three reasons:

1. The build up of phosphorus: When kidneys fail to work, they can’t remove extra phosphorus efficiently. Then, excess phosphorus deposits in the blood, resulting in high PTH, lack of calcium and vitamin D deficiency. All of these conditions can cause renal bone disease.

2. Increased risk of vitamin D deficiency: As said by kidney experts, vitamin D is essential for strong bones as it helps the body use calcium from foods what we eat. If vitamin D is insufficient, bone disease happens easily. Besides phosphorus deposits, loss of vitamin D-binding protein from the bloodstream is another cause of vitamin D deficiency.

3. Side effects of certain medications: Corticosteroids like prednisone are often used to control FSGS along with FSGS symptoms. However, one side effect of these medications is bone problem, either pain or weak.

What should we do?

Since FSGS affects bone by three aspects, you should first make clear what damages your bone health if you are suffering from this problem. In view of this, we may not give personalized treatment plan here. To get personalized advice for improving your kidney function and bone health, you can email your medical case to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. We will give you reply in 24 hours.

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