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How to Use Chinese Medicine For Reducing Serum Creatinine 7.46

2018-02-13 11:02

How to Use Chinese Medicine For Reducing Serum Creatinine 7.46Chinese medicine is a good measure to stop and reverse illnesses from root causes. Moreover, it has a unique effect on treating high serum creatinine. And then, how to use Chinese medicine for reducing serum creatinine 7.46?

What does creatinine 7.46 mean?

Creatinine 7.46 shows lots of toxins and waste products are deposited in the body as a result of the seriously injured kidneys. Besides, the patients will suffer edema, proteinuria, weakness, high blood pressure or other life-threatening symptoms. While then, the patients are in sore need to control the discomforts and to diminish creatinine 7.46.

Is Chinese Medicine really helpful?

Generally speaking, many herbs like Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, radix angelicae pubescentis, sealwort and so on would play a good role in excreting excessive fluid, promoting urine output, driving toxins precipitated in the blood and cells, quickening blood circulation and others without any obvious untoward effects. However, this is not good enough for stopping the process of elevated creatinine level totally.

Hence, renal experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine came up with Toxin-Removing Therapy on the basis of the causes of developed kidney damage and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This new treatment includes Acupuncture, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other remedies in which the above Chinese herbs are collected according to the patients’ illness conditions to clear up internal surrounding thoroughly and naturally for the kidneys to recover better. Additionally, the discomforts can be disappeared in this case radically.

When the kidneys are renovated, the serum creatinine 7.46 will be lowered without strain, the patients can hold a high quality life and avoid dialysis validly.

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