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Function 11 and Creatinine 388 How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works

2017-11-05 15:37

Function 11 and Creatinine 388, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, creatinine 388, treatmentAs we know, the common way to treat the patients with function 11 and creatinine 388 is hormone therapy and finally dialysis and kidney transplant are demanded. But, the problem is the these treatments have a number of shortcomings, so that the patients wonder to receive another treatments. And thus, they are eager to know how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy works to function 11 and creatinine 388?

Function 11 and creatinine 388.

Kidney function 11%, that is only 10% of the kidney taking part in the metabolic system to filter the blood and carry out the unwanted materials. As a result, creatinine and other toxin and wastes will be persisted in the body, which comes back to injure the intrinsic renal cells. Later, the creatinine will gradually rise up to 388. Medically, the patients with creatinine 388 will also have many other symptoms and complications caused by kidney damage, various toxins and wastes products assembled in the body, etc. So that, the patients had better take some treatments to control the discomforts and lower the creatinine level.

Function of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

1. Promote the blood circulation. As the active substances of the two-medical bags which are placed at the patients’ Shenshu area enter the body and flow with the blood, the blood vessels will be enlarged, the blood stasis will be dissolved, and the extra fluid in the intercellular space will be taken away, etc. In this case, the blood circulation is perfected, and enough blood, oxygen, nutrients are sent to the kidneys.

2. Anti-inflammation. It is able to help the patients dispel the inflammations in the kidney, and thus avoid the further kidney damaged led by immune system.

3. Improve kidney function naturally. Since all the herbs used in it are picked up from nature according to the patients’ illness conditions and applied in the whole treatment as an external applications, it has less effects and can takes a significant effect on activating inherent renal cells, repair the damaged but not necrotic cells. Consequently, the kidney function is increased in some point naturally.

4. Lower creatinine level. With the elevated of kidney function, more and more creatinines will be excreted from body by the kidneys, and thus, it is lowered. Besides, the patients can receive another natural treatment named Toxin-Removing Therapy to make the serum creatinine level down nautrally and effectively.

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