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Swelling and Hypertension Nephropathy

2013-12-22 14:35

Swelling and Hypertension NephropathySwelling is a common symptom for hypertension nephropathy patients, and patients often have swelling of the feet and ankles, around the eyelid, or even in abdomen. Swelling is often an obvious symptom for hypertension nephropathy patients, which is also lower the life quality for these patients. With serious swelling, patients cannot go or walk by themselves, they have to stay in bed. In order to remit the swelling for hypertension nephropathy patients, we should first find the cause of swelling and then remedy swelling.

What causes swelling for hypertension nephropathy patients?

As we know, hypertension nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease which is about the long-term uncontrolled high blood pressure caused kidney damage. Therefore, the main reason of swelling for hypertension nephropathy patients is the kidney damage. Kidney has the function of filtering the wastes and excess fluids in body, however, when the kidneys are get damaged, the reduced kidney function cannot remove the fluids out. And a large amount of fluid and sodium will build up in body which will cause serious swelling. On the other hand, the kidney can retain the protein and blood cells, while the kidney damaged, the protein and blood cells may leak out from blood vessels. The plasma collid osmotic pressure will decline which will cause fluid flowing into the tissue space, which will also cause swelling.

How to deal with swelling for hypertension nephropathy patients?

1. Patients should supply some high quality protein everyday, because the loss of protein will cause swelling. Patients should also keep proper amount of protein depending on their illness condition, which will not increase the kidney burden.

2. Patients should also keep a low-salt diet, and limit the high-sodium foods, because this will aggravate the swelling and elevate the blood pressure.

3. When people suffer form serious swelling, they may need to take some diuretics to remit their edema.

4. Acupuncture is also helpful for the swelling, and fluid and sodium retention will be reduced with the dredging of channels.

5. Some Chinese medicines will also be effective for the remitting of swelling. As the swelling is mainly caused by kidney damage, so patients should remedy the kidney damage, then the swelling will gradually disappear. Chinese medicines have no side-effects on patients, and they can repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function. Only the kidney function is improved, then the symptom of swelling will be disappear.

For the treatment of swelling for hypertension nephropathy patients, they should receive the most effective one, which will remit the swelling and also improve the kidney function.

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