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Weakness and Hypertension, Is There Any Way to Improve Kidney Function 15%

2017-11-09 16:03

Weakness and Hypertension, Is There Any Way to Improve Kidney Function 15%Kidney function refers to how well the kidney works. And the kidney function 15% usually means the patients are in need of dialysis or other treatments. While, is there any way to improve kidney function 15% in weakness and hypertension?

What is the linkage among weakness, hypertension and kidney function 15%?

Hypertension is not only a cause of kidney damage but also a symptom of renal disorder. As regards weakness, it is a common complication of both kidney function 15% and hypertension. In sum, it is vital to get command of blood pressure in the whole treatment to increase kidney function.

Which treatment is available to improve kidney function 15% with weakness and hypertension?

Aside from transplant, Chinese medicine is a good choice to help the patients. In spite of this, kidney transplant is still the last way to save the patients. That is to say, if you can not gasp time to reverse illness condition, you can not avoid dialysis or transplant successfully.

On account of replacing dialysis to eliminate the toxins and wastes deposited in the body, Toxin-Removing Therapy is created and developed in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. What is more, it is able to stop the kidney damage and promote the kidney to be treated better with the help of other treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion, Immunotherapy and so on.

For an example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, a great reformation of traditional Chinese medicine, is an external application medicine. Since a lot of specific herbs are applied in the treatment associated with the patients correct illness conditions to accelerate the blood circulation, repair the kidney damage and boost the renal function. When the kidney is restored, the kidney function will enhanced, the weakness will be controlled and hypertension will be lowered.

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