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21% Kidney Function with IgA Nephropathy Is There Any Natural Cure

2014-05-03 08:58

21% Kidney Function with IgA Nephropathy Is There Any Natural CureHi, my 20 years old son has been diagnosed with 21% kidney function with IgA Nephropathy. We prefer alternative therapy. Can you suggest any natural cure for his condition? We are in UK. Thanks. Jane

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Hello, Madam, sorry to hear that your 20 years old son is suffering from 21% kidney function due to IgA Nephropathy. As you prefer alternative treatment, you are invited to check the section below to learn more details.

To date, there is still not a cure for his disease. His current situation is quite severe at stage 4 kidney disease with serious loss of renal function. At this point, the most essential thing is to take effective strategies to prevent the disease’s further progression and avoid complete renal failure. You can talk with his doctor for the most suitable choice of treatment option.

In addition, we would like to suggest an alternative natural remedy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for your reference. Different from conventional oral drugs, this is an external application with no adverse effects. Patients are asked to lie on bed with two medicine packages attached to their kidney region. By using osmosis device, herbal medicine ingredients can arrive at the renal lesion directly and then take effect to treat kidney disease from the root cause. To learn more information, please click Here to watch the video introduction.

Your son is still so young. If his condition of 21% kidney function with IgA Nephropathy can get early and effective treatment, he can definitely reverse the kidney damage. Still have any question? Please let us know. Keep well!

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