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5.2 Creatinine Level on Dialysis How to Reverse Kidney Failure

2014-07-23 03:14

5.2 Creatinine Level on Dialysis How to Reverse Kidney FailureOnce we got a query from one patient, he stated, “I have 5.2 creatinine level on dialysis. Could you please advise how to reverse my Kidney Failure?” To make detailed reply, we provide analysis as below. Read on or chat with our online doctor for free help.

Can dialysis help reverse Kidney Failure with 5.2 creatinine level?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘NO’. Dialysis is just a kind of renal replacement therapy which works to replace part of the kidneys’ functions like removing wastes and excess fluid out of the body. However, it does nothing to improve the kidney damage or stop the disease’s continual aggravation. While taking this therapy, you will still progress to final stage renal disease continuously.

How to reverse Kidney Failure with 5.2 creatinine level on dialysis?

At present, there is still not yet a cure for this severe renal disorder. But effective treatment has been developed to help you reduce the dependency on dialysis or even get off the therapy. The option is widely known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. (You are invited to click Here to watch the video introduction) 

As an innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application of herbal medicine with no adverse effect. In case of creatinine 5.2 in renal failure, this therapy will work to clean the blood, remove harmful substances out of the body, improve the blood circulation, repair the damaged kidneys, and restore the renal function. Then, the disease will not deteriorate in the future and increased creatinine can be normalized naturally.

If you are still looking for a treatment to reverse your kidney disease, you are advised to consider taking Chinese Osmotherapy. Anything unclear? Leave your doubt in the section below. We will reply you soon within 24 hours.

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