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How to Reduce Creatinine 5.5 and Blood Pressure Naturally

2014-12-09 15:45

How to Reduce Creatinine 5.5 and Blood Pressure NaturallyHow to reduce creatinine level 5.5 and blood pressure naturally ? In clinic, creatinine 5.5 is in stage 4 kidney disease, in this stage many symptoms will appear, so people may suffer many pains, so they are eager to know the ways to cure this disease, especially the natural way.

As we mentioned above creatinine level 5.5 is in stage 4 chronic kidney disease, we can also call it kidney failure. In many countries, when creatinine level increases to about 5.1, doctors will recommend dialysis to the patient. But it will bring lots of complications which make Stage 4 CKD tricky. In order to prolong life expectancy, many patients in this stage are positively searching for natural treatment.

Hot Compress Therapy as an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it can clean toxic pathogenic factors in kidney

cleansing toxin by hot compress

Act on bladder meridian of foot-taiyang with hot compress on bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23), use internal and external functions of bladder meridian of foot-taiyang and kidney meridian of foot- shaoyin, enter kidney along meridians, eliminate toxic pathogenic factors in kidney.

Shenshu acupoint (BL23) is the acupoint on which damp-heat and cold-dampness qi enter into bladder meridian and discharge externally. Therefore, hot compress is performed on this acupoint.


Blood stasis in kidney vessel is usually treated by medicines invigorating blood; stagnation of kidney collateral is often treated by medicines dredging collaterals; heat in kidney meridian can be eliminated using medicines clearing heat; pathogenic cold in kidney should be eliminated with medicines warming yang; edema caused by untransformed kidney qi can be treated with aquaretics.

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