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Kidney Disease with 70% Kidney Damaged but No Symptoms Should I Take Treatment

2015-10-23 16:46

Kidney Disease with 70% Kidney Damaged but No Symptoms Should I Take TreatmentI am a kidney disease patient, the doctor just told me that my kidneys are damaged seriously, about 70% have been damaged. But i have no any obvious symptoms, should i take any treatment now ?

Should kidney disease patient with 70% kidney damaged but no any symptoms take treatment ?

In general, after the kidney function down to 60% the symptoms of kidney disease will appear one by one. So for the case we mentioned at the beginning there are 70% kidneys are damaged, that is to say there is just left 30% kidney functions, the symptoms theoretically should be very seriously but the patient has no much symptoms, so some of them may overlook it, which will lead to the bad prognosis.

You know after the kidneys are damaged 70% there are just 30% kidneys can work efficiently, so even there are no obvious symptoms but the progression of this disease is not stopped, so as a kidney disease patient you should take actions to protect the remaining kidneys from damage and if possible to restore the damaged ones, so that you can have your kidney function improved. Otherwise, the disease may loss control in a short while and you will have to face dialysis or renal transplant.

What treatment can help patient with 70% damaged kidneys live better ?

Both of dialysis and renal transplant can help patient live better in a short while but not all the patient can take them due to many reasons. Moreover, both of them will bring some side effect which will affect the patient’s life quality greatly.

Compared with dialysis and renal transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese herb medicine is more natural and safe.

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