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Is It Possible for Kidney Failure Patient to Do Dialysis Every Two Weeks

2015-11-13 15:49

Is It Possible for Kidney Failure Patient to Do Dialysis Every Two WeeksIs it possible for kidney failure patient to do dialysis every two weeks ? In fact, for kidney failure patients they should do the dialysis according to the patient’s construction instead of reduce the dialysis times by themselves. But that not means they cannot reduce the dialysis times, i mean as long as the patient’s condition got improved they can get a chance to lower their dialysis times.

In fact, the dialysis is just like the artificial machine, it can clear some micromolecular toxins(such as creatinine and urea etc.),but there are still have the middle and macromoleculer toxins(CycC, HYT,IL-6 etc), they still damage the kidney function. That is why patients will suffer a lot with long time of dialysis. Their kidney will be shrink day by day, even lost the whole kidney function, the urine will be less and less, even no urine.

There are three kinds of renal intrinsic cells in your body: necrotic cells, damaged cells and healthy cells. We have no idea to the necrotic cells, but we can repair the damaged cells and protect the healthy cells.

So, for the treatment, you need to clear all of the toxins and repair the damaged kidney cells, promote the immune system, then can improve the kidney function, finally, you can extend the time of dialysis or get rid of the dialysis.

Fortunately, the time is short, with timely treatment, you can have a chance to off dialysis. If in long time, it is hard to get away the dialysis. You know, once done dialysis in long time, you need to keep it forever to live, till end the life or transplant.

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