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Is there Any Chance to Reverse the Shrunk Kidney after Dialysis

2015-11-19 15:14

Is there Any Chance to Reverse the Shrunk Kidney after DialysisHi, doctor, i am a kidney failure patient and has taken dialysis for several years. Recently, my doctor told me that my kidneys have shrunk a lot but i still have urine output. Can you tell me why my kidneys goes to shrunk ? Is there any chance to reverse it ?

Why the kidneys goes shrunk after dialysis ?

Now both of your kidneys have shrunk a lot, which is related to dialysis, because after long-terms of dialysis, the machine will replace your own kidneys work, so gradually your kidneys will shrink and loss function.

But a good news is now you still have some urine indicating that there are still some kidney tissues(glomeruli and renal tubular) are working and still have certain kidney function, also it shows that your kidney function has not completely lost, this is very precious for the recovery of your renal function. In other words, if you can receive treatment as soon as possible, there is still a big hope to restore your renal function. But because you have been under dialysis for four years, so it might take relatively longer time to get recovery. The exact recover time based on your remaining renal function.

Is there any chance to reverse the shrunk kidney ?

To be frankly, dialysis cannot reverse the kidney disease, but with systematic treatment, you will get a chance to live better without dialysis.

On the whole, your condition is sometimes good and sometimes bad, which is related to the gradual loss of your kidney function. So as long as you can keep and protect your current kidney function from any damage or deterioration, then the improvement of your kidney function can be guaranteed.

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