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Is That Possible to Stop Dialysis for Patients with Kidney Failure

2016-03-17 16:03

Is That Possible to Stop Dialysis for Patients with Kidney FailureIs that possible to stop dialysis for patients with kidney failure? Dialysis is no longer the best way to treat kidney failure anymore. There are so many reasons for patients to consider to stop dialysis.

What Are the Reasons for Patients to Stop Dialysis?

Dialysis as the common alternative treatment for kidney disease is just a kind of method to release the symptoms of illness conditions. When kidney was damaged that it can not eliminate the too much toxins and waste then dialysis will help to discharge those bad things out of human body. But it is also called artificial kidney, which means it replace the real kidney to support body to work. However if it wants to replace the real kidney then it will give up the whole function of really kidney. The kidney will damage more serous than before and have no use anymore. If patients want to treat kidney failure they need to find other way.

The Way to Help Patients to Stop Dialysis

Treat kidney failure should be start with repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. According to that Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital use the core characteristic treatment Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat kidney failure with the foundation of Chinese medicine. As we all known that Chinese medicine treat illnesses from the origin and it can also promoting the blood circulation and blood stasis. Use this way will improve the volume of blood flows to kidney. Enough blood will support the normal activities of kidney and wake it up. Thus will receive the curative effect about kidney failure.

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