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Why Patients with Kidney Failure Should Choose Hot Compress Therapy Other Than Dialysis

2016-03-21 15:15

Why Patients with Kidney Failure Should Choose Hot Compress Therapy Other Than DialysisDialysis is not a strange word for most patients with kidney disease. Because it is the mainly method for them to choose to deal with their problems. While every coin has two sides, that means dialysis also has its disadvantages. So that patients want to avoid the damage of dialysis by other way. I am gonna to tell you

Why Choose Hot Compress Therapy Other Than Dialysis?

Dialysis has been used for the treat of kidney diseases for many years. There is a certain truth for its universality. Once kidney was damaged over half of it, that most function can not work anymore to discharge toxins and waste. Then dialysis will help to eliminate them. But dialysis will damage the rest of good function, because it will replace kidney function in some degree. That is why the urine volume will become more and more less with dialysis treatment.

Hot compress therapy is aim at repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function. It is different from dialysis to replace the original renal to work but help the renal to recover by it self through the stimulation of medicine. This treatment is suitable for the patients who are still have certain urine discharged out of body, because that means there still have blood through kidney. So the effective elements of medicine can get in to the kidney with blood to damage the toxins and waste. Thus will also improve the kidney function and promote blood circulation, so that the kidney will repair the damage and recover to work by it self. Finally, the kidney failure will be controlled well without dialysis.

Dialysis can save life for patients with emergency. But if you are not good feel about dialysis, change another way to help yourself is the better choice. Give a chance to yourself and take one more try, because there is a great hope prepared for you. You can talk to our ONLINE DOCTOR or send emails to, or contact us with Whatsapp:+86 18395615012. We will try our best to help you solve you problems.

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