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Kidney Failure with Creatinine 9.6: What Should I Do

2016-07-15 18:20

I am a kidney failure patient and my serum creatinine is 9.6, can you tell me what should i do? To be frankly, creatinine 9.6 is much higher than the normal level, so as a kidney failure patient you need to take treatment right now.

You know, the creatinine is the waste of muscle metabolism and it should be filtered through our kidneys' glomeruli and then discharged out by urine. If the glomeruli are damaged and GFR(glomerular filtration rate) decreases, these wastes will not be let off, then these toxins will stay in the blood, that is why the serum creatinine shows high. High creatinine means high toxins in body.

The toxins make many immunocomplex deposit on your blood vessels, then the blood vessels get narrower and blocked, and many complications appear, such as anemia, electrolyte disorder, swelling, vomiting and so on. So we should to clean your blood, to take the toxins out of your blood and body, make the blood circulation in normal, then the complications will disappeared, and your condition will get better.

What should kidney failure patient do with creatinine 9.6?

As we mentioned above they should take treatment as soon as possible, otherwise, their disease will loss control and goes to worse and worse. Then, they will have no other choice other than dialysis or renal transplant.

If they can get the systematic treatment before their disease loss control, they may get a chance to live a quality life. The Top Seven Treatments as the innovation treatment of Chinese Medicine , they have remarkable effect in treating kidney failure.

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