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How to Reduce Creatinine 396 in Kidney Failure

2016-07-16 16:28

I am a kidney failure patient and my creatinine level is 396umol/L now, i want to know how to reduce it back to normal level. So, doctor can you help me?

To be frankly, creatinine 396 is higher than the normal level, it belongs to stage 3 kidney disease. Without good control it may goes to higher level. So i will answer your question one by one, and hope it really can help you in some degrees.

Why creatinine and other symptoms will appear in kidney failure?

Glomeruli are the basic filtering units in kidneys, in normal condition, these glomeruli can filter out extra fluid and waste products like creatinine, urea etc from blood. Meanwhile, those useful substances like protein will be preserved in blood.

However, as kidney disease progresses, a large amount of inflammatory factors and pathogenic factors like immune complexes will deposit in kidneys. These harmful substances can cause inflammation of glomeruli, fibrosis and even necrosis of glomeruli. When these glomeruli become impaired, they will become unable to function normally. Consequently, high level of toxins like creatinine, urea will build up in body. Meanwhile, a lot of proteins will leak through glomeruli, ending up in urine.

How to reduce creatinine 396 in kidney failure?

To lower high creatinine level, the key point is to restore the impaired glomeruli and make your own kidneys function better. That is to say, you should find an effective treatment which should be able to improve the kidney function.

Different from western treatments,Chinese treatments are free of adverse effects on body. Also, it can improve renal function by improving the overall body condition. In this way, creatinine level will decline. You will be able to avoid the onset of dialysis. So, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice for patient with creatinine 396.

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