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Can Kidney Failure Patient Stop Dialysis Before Finding Donor

2016-12-10 14:21

Can Kidney Failure Patient Stop Dialysis Before Finding DonorDialysis as the common treatment of kidney failure, it can prolong the patient’s life span, but meanwhile, it will induce many complications of dialysis, such as low blood pressure, headache, nausea, vomiting, sleepy and so on. So the parts of patients want to stop dialysis when they can not bear it any more.

Can kidney failure patient stop dialysis?

In the past, most of the doctors won’t recommend the patient to stop dialysis only after they find the donor. But in our days, there are some other alternative treatments also can help the patient live a better life without dialysis.

How long can kidney failure patient live after stopping dialysis?

As to the life expectancy after stopping dialysis, it is not an exact thing. It is related with the poisons build up at different rates, as does fluid around the heart, how quickly are other organs affected. But if the patient can get a proper treatment before stopping dialysis, that will prolong their life greatly.

So as a patient you should not stop dialysis immediately, it should be stopped gradually. You should know that you may still live well after stopping dialysis, so make sure you can be treated by a treatment which can repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function before stopping dialysis.

Here i recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you, it is a good alternative of dialysis, with the help of this treatment, the patients can prolong their life span without suffer any side effects of dialysis.

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