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What Alternative of Dialysis Can Help Patient with Creatinine 7.4

2016-12-14 08:31

To be frankly, creatinine 7.4 is much higher than the normal level, it indicates a serious condition in clinic. So under most of the condition, doctor will recommend patient to take dialysis.

Why doctor recommend patient with creatinine 7.4 to take dialysis?

Patient with creatinine 7.4 has progressed into advanced stage of renal disease with severe loss of kidney function. At this point, the kidneys are unable to work adequately to eliminate waste products and extra fluid. With high levels of toxins accumulating within the body, patient will experience serious symptoms such as itching, poor appetite, difficulty breathing, increased blood pressure, etc.

Without dialysis or other treatment, patient’s life will in great risk. So in general, the doctor will recommend the patient to take dialysis or the alternative treatment timely, so that they can live a better and longer life.

What alternative of dialysis can help patient with creatinine 7.4?

Herbal remedy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective alternative treatment of dialysis.

As a holistic approach, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat kidney disease from the root cause by protecting the residual renal function, repairing the damaged kidneys, and restoring the overall kidney capacity. With the help of this treatment, kidneys will work better and better. The high creatinine level and other symptoms caused by kidney failure also will be relieved gradually.

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