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Does Hot Compress Therapy Conduce to Someone at the Third Stage of Kidney Failure

2017-02-20 18:53

Kidney failure is divided into five stages according to the degree of damaged kidney function. People once develop into the third stage which regarded as a key stage, it is incidental for them to change into uremia, if they don’t control it well. Since there is not a curable method for kidney disease patients to avoid, more and more people under the same situation are eager to know that is there a treatment repairing damaged kidney naturally and gradually. In the following article, the author will answer your puzzle clearly.

There is a treatment which origins from Chinese traditional medicine, it has extensive applied in various kidney diseases and is familiar with an overwhelming majority of Chinese,

because its less side effects and all of Chinese herbs used in repairing kidney come from natural. It called Hot Compress Therapy, as one of Chinese therapies, working for fixing impaired kidney. Hot Compress Therapy adopts a small bag filled with various Chinese herbs to shenshu acupoint. The bag is placed in your low back area aiming at kidney,because our skin system has three functions, and one of them is assimilation which contribute to the absorption of medicines. From this way, can promote blood circulation as well as clear and activate the channels and collateral. Then achieving the effect of eliminating harmful and poisonous substances.

As long as we exclude toxins from body system, can renal function begin to recover gradually. Except Hot Compress Therapy, there are several Chinese therapies contributing to fix kidney function without any side effect, which contains Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Foot Bath, Enema and so on.

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