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Would Hot Compress Therapy Conduce to Kidney Failure Patients at 3 Stage Avoid Dialysis

2017-02-17 16:14


As a matter of fact, kidney failure is divided into five stages according to the damaged degree of kidney function. People once have been diagnosed as kidney failure with the third stage, it is usually regarded as a key period in which great attention should be attached. At the third stage, a series of syndromes appear such like swelling, blood urine, protein urine, high blood pressure and so on, which leads to a negative impact on patients’ life quality and mental condition. Given all these illustrations, most of local doctors often suggest people adopting dialysis so as to maintain the rest of life normally. But more and more people under the same situation are unwilling to select dialysis due to its side effects.

Thanks to the extensive spread of splendid Chinese culture and centuries-old history, as a result an increasing number of foreigners begin to come into contact with Chinese traditional medicine with the purpose of avoid dialysis gradually. Fortunately, one of Chinese therapies: Hot Compress Therapy has commonly operated in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works for fixing impaired kidney through adopting a small bag filled with various Chinese herbs to shenshu acupoint. The bag is placed in your low back area aiming at kidney,because our skin system has three functions, and one of them is assimilation which contributes to the absorption of medicines. From this way, can promote blood circulation as well as clear and activate the channels and collateral. As long as we exclude toxins gradually, can renal function begin to recover, then it is possible for you to avoid dialysis and continue the further treatment efficiently.

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