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Creatinine 1021 and Kidney Failure, How to Treat

2017-05-05 15:17

Creatinine 1021 and Kidney Failure, How to TreatHi, sir. I am a female and aged 27. I was diagnosed as kidney failure a year ago. But know, my creatinine is 1021umol/L. And I have swelling, weakness and protein in urine. Is it curable?

As a matter of fact, if the creatinine goes up to 1021umol/L, that means the patient is in the stage 5 kidney failure which is also named ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease). It shows us the kidney which should take good works to remove the unwanted things from body and to keep the balance of internal environment has been injured badly. As a result, the patients will have series of symptoms such as swelling, weakness, anemia, headache, blood in urine, protein in urine and so on. So that, the patients wonder whether the kidney failure with creatinine 1021umol/l can be cured or not.

For the early stage kidney failure patients, we can help them live a normal life. But, if the creatinine reaches up to 1021umol/L, the patients will be required to take dialysis and to prepare for kidney transplant in many countries, though there are lots of disadvantages of dialysis and kidney transplant. In our hospital, there are changes for the patients with creatinine 1021umol/L to live a normal life. What we can promise are that we can do our best to assist the patients with creatinine 1021umol/L in having a better life by eliminating the redundant and harmful things from body naturally, protecting the kidney from further damage, repairing the disease renal cells, alleviating the side effects of dialysis, etc. According to the clinical reports, Chinese medicine has less adverse reactions to help the kidney failure patients.
When the renal function is increased, the patients will feel better than before. 

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