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Can Kidney Failure Patients Refuse Dialysis

2017-05-06 14:08

Can Kidney Failure Patients Refuse DialysisDialysis is a common treatment to help kidney failure patients. But it can lead to many sufferings. The most terrible thing is that it can destroy the renal function. So that, more and more kidney failure patients want to avoid dialysis. Then, can kidney failure patients refuse dialysis?

There are two kind of kidney failure. One is developed from other kidney disease such as diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease and others. The other is acute kidney failure, which is more likely to be treated compared with the first type as most renal cells in this situation is damaged but not necrotic.

But, whether the patients can refuse dialysis or not is based on the patients illness conditions. If there are no renal function left, we can only help you to alleviate the adverse reactions of dialysis and prolong the period of dialysis. Unless the patients accept kidney transplant, they can not leave from dialysis. Only if the patients still have urine output, there are changes from the patients to refuse dialysis, even to avoid kidney transplant.

In China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used to treat kidney failure patients by following the under function.

1. Extend the blood vessels.

When the blood vessels is enlarged, the high blood pressure will be limited to some degree, the blood circulation will be accelerated. And then it can offer more nutrients to the kidney. So that, the renal self-healing ability will be improved.

2. Dispel the blood stasis.

It can prevent the heart and head illnesses, and diminish the risk of life.

3. Anti-inflammation.

It can enhance the human immunity and help the patients clean up the inflammation in the kidney.

4. Protect the kidney from further damage.

It is able to carry out some toxins from body and keep the kidney away from harmful factors.

5. Repair the renal function.

It can activate renal cells. Hence the disease cells will be repaired.

When the kidney is recovered, the patients will refuse the dialysis.

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