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Can Chinese Medicine Reverse Kidney Damage at 11% of Kidney Function

2017-12-18 16:02

Can Chinese Medicine Reverse Kidney Damage at 11% of Kidney FunctionChinese medicine stands for a series of natural treatments which are developed on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine theories in order to treat the patients from root causes. Nevertheless, can Chinese medicine reverse kidney damage at 11% of kidney function?

What if 11% kidney function?

Kidney function 11% means only 11% of both two kidneys are operating to keep the balance of internal environment as before. As a result, some extra water, toxins and wastes will be left in the body, and swelling, proteinuria, back pain, blood in urine or other symptoms will come out. Thereby, the patients need to change their diets and living habits to protect the kidneys from further damage and restrain certain symptoms.

Besides, the patients with 11% kidney function are already in the stage 4 kidney disease named uremia when dialysis need to be adopted for the sake of prolonging life.

Which Function can Chinese Medicine realize?

According to the clinical records, Chinese Medicine can take the following effects for kidney disease patients with less adverse reactions: relieve the discomforts, clean out internal environment, promote the kidney to get well, etc. Such as:

Toxin-Removing Therapy. It combines several natural treatments to cleanse the blood and dispel the discomforts without any obvious side effects.

Steaming Therapy. While accepted the fume with the pneumatolytic special herbal medicines, some toxins will be brought out of body and the kidney self-healing ability is improved.

Immunotherapy. It is aimed at waking up immune system, and strengthen the kidney function and immunity with Chinese medicines.

Additionally, other Chinese medicines will also play an important role in treating damaged kidneys in safety. And when the kidney function is increased, the patients can carry on a relatively normal life without doing dialysis or transplant.

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