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What are the Treatment Options for Kidney Failure Patients

2013-12-05 10:14

What are the Treatment Options for Kidney Failure PatientsKidney failure is a common kidney disease, which is about the kidney damage and the gradually reduced kidney function. If people get kidney failure, they need to have effective treatment timely. Early treatment will make people having a better prognosis. Then, what are the treatment options for kidney failure patients?

As the illness condition is different from case to case, patients with kidney failure need to have different treatments. The kidney failure can be divided into 5 stages depending on the glomerular filtration rate, which indicate the gradually reduced kidney function. With the development of kidney failure, people may get more and more symptoms and complications.

Treatments for early stage kidney failure patients.

People need to have different treatment options with different stage of kidney failure. In the early stage, people may get not severe symptoms, so some people may ignore their illness. When they finally find their kidney failure, they may develop into very serious conditions. Therefore, it is particularly important for kidney failure patients to have early treatment. In the early stage, the kidney function is reduced not severely, and people can recover from their illness if they have effective treatment. They need to change their daily diet and follow strict dietary principles, which can reduce the kidney burden and protect their residual kidney function. Besides, they should also change their bad lifestyle to keep a healthy one, and they need to get rid of alcohol and smoking. Otherwise, for kidney failure patients, they need to limit their diet all the time.

On the other hand, they should also have medical treatment. Kidney failure patients should firstly control the symptoms they have with medical treatment. They can take some western medicines to control their symptoms such as swelling and high blood pressure. Besides, Chinese medicine is a good option for kidney failure patients. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history which are good for people’s health. Some Chinese medicines can help improve the immunity of people and repair damaged kidney tissues, and the kidney function can be improved fundamentally. The earlier people have effective treatment, the better prognosis they will have.

Treatments for advanced stage kidney failure patients.

When people get end stage renal failure and the kidneys fail to function any longer, people may need to have dialysis to filter the blood. The common dialysis contains hematodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. There is also another therapy for kidney failure, which is kidney transplant. However, all these therapies cannot remedy kidney failure from root. For kidney failure patients, they are recommended to use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and immunotherapy. The two therapies has been proved to have very good curative effects on kidney failure patients, which can repair damaged kidney cells and protect residual kidney function. The kidney function will be improved with Chinese medical treatment.

Above are some treatment options for kidney failure patients. They should choose the right treatment depending on their illness condition. An effective treatment will prolong their life expectation and improve their life quality.

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