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Some Measures To Prevent Children Get Uremia

2018-09-01 10:44

To most kidney patients the uremia is a nightmare,once their kidney condition develops to uremia,they always lose their hope of life,and modern medical technology has no good method to help them to get recovery. But the Chinese herbal medicine can have a special effect to help them get better,many clinical cases have proved the treatment effect of Chinese herbal medicine,then i suggest these uremia patients don’t lose their confidence to accept the treatment in time.But at present more and more children become vulnerable to kidney disease,even the uremia.Then i want to discuss these cases with you as following to popularize the knowledge about that.

Uremia, a disease that the elderly can only get, has in recent years extended its ” talons” to children. According to the statistical data, according to the statistical data of 91 hospitals in our country, the proportion of children with chronic renal failure who are hospitalized in other systems is increasing year by year. Disease induction and children’s long-term high-protein and high-calorie diet are the keys to promote the onset of uremia. Therefore, as parents, they should learn more about uremia in children and discover and treat it early.

[ typical case ]

Xiaohua is 11 years old this year, but he is as tall as a 6 – year – old child. Mother always thought that he was only growing slower than a child of the same age. But recently, Xiaohua often feels tired, his appetite is poor, his face turns yellow, and he goes to the bathroom more often than before. Mother immediately took him to the hospital. After diagnosis, Xiaohua not only had anemia, but also had proteinuria and hematuria. The blood creatinine value was nearly 800 units, one hundred times higher than the normal value. The doctor judged that Xiaohua had uremia and the condition was not optimistic.

Unlike adults, the cause of uremia in children can be roughly defined by 5 years old. Most children under 5 years old are congenital developmental abnormalities, such as congenital renal hypoplasia, renal cyst and urinary system malformation. Most children patients over 5 years old are acquired Nephritis or hereditary nephrosis. For example, children suffering from various nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, reflux kidney disease and other diseases are not under control.This led to a prolonged illness and later to uremia. Or kidney burden may be increased due to poor dietary habits and other factors, causing uremia.

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