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What Issues The Uremia Patients Should Do To Avoid Crisis

2018-10-21 09:15

To most kidney patients when their kidney condition develops to the end stage they are always threatened by the complications of uremia,but they must know what can affect their life span,and as a kidney doctor i want to share some tips about that to you as following:

I. Treatment

1. Dialysis, when kidney disease reaches uremia stage, means that most kidney function has been damaged, leaving only a small part of residual kidney function. Dialysis is needed to help kidney complete the whole detoxification function. Dialysis include peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. How do you choose between the two? You don’t need hemodialysis when you can have the peritoneal dialysis.

2. If the conditions permit, the sooner the better the kidney transplantation can be performed, as long as the maintenance is good in the later period, you can live for a long time.

II. Pharmaceutical aspects

Uremic patients need to take a lot of drugs such as antihypertensive, lowering protein, lowering creatinine, after the kidney transplant patients also have take anti-rejection drugs, which you have to endure. Every kind of medicine has its use.

III. diet,

People with kidney disease need to have a lot of taboos, but at the stage of uremia, they do not need special taboos. The diet should be low-potassium and low-phosphorus, and we must control the intake of water.

IV, living habits

Although uremic patients will be weaker than ordinary people, they still have no problems in taking care of themselves. Therefore, they should actively exercise when they are convenient to move, maintain good physical quality and communicate with others. Although it is difficult, please remain optimistic.

According to the comments above you can do well to your kidney condition,and if you have other questions about that please contact us through the following:


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