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The Renal Failure Patients Can Be Treated Effectively In Reasonable Treatment

2018-12-18 10:16

Jack is from guixi city, Jiangxi Province. He is a renal failure patient and is 72 years old this year. Uncle is very happy these two days. Why?

It is because a decrease in creatinine.

But not only that. Jack discovered his kidney disease ten years ago because of urine protein. Five years ago, creatinine began to rise from 141 μ m ol / L to 270 μ m ol / L soon.

Like the three patients in the ward and him, creatinine also rose rapidly, but neither the patient nor the doctor could do anything about it.

But now, five years have passed. Although all his former wardmate have been dialyzed, Jack’s creatinine has not increased but decreased, and is now 190 μ m ol / L

Why are there two completely different results?

Jack said at this moment, it’s a pity for his wardmate: At the beginning, one of the patients in the same ward had been controlling high blood pressure and arrhythmia, but the other two were waiting at home and didn’t have much treatment until dialysis.


During the inflammatory reaction period of Nephritis, many doctors will let patients with kidney disease go home and wait until they have symptoms. At best, they will give you some medicines such as Jinshuibao.

Because there are too many doctors who can only treat symptoms, they don’t know where to start without symptoms …

Jack also has no symptoms: Blood pressure is normal, anemia is ok, eating and sleeping are all good, and the whole body is not uncomfortable. Under normal circumstances, such treatment is impossible and can only wait for dialysis like the other patients.

In fact, no symptoms are just appearances. In the kidney, the toxin is eating away at the kidney function step by step, and everything is late when there are symptoms.

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