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Should I Insist Treatments In Uremia, How Long Can I Live

2019-03-01 14:13

Treatments In Uremia,UremiaYou know that uremia is a very serious Kidney Disease, and you may even know that uremia is only a stage of chronic renal failure, but you may not know how uremia comes from, where the harm of uremia is, and how uremia should be treated.

Because the kidney is an important detoxification organ, the kidney is severely damaged, resulting in toxins can not be discharged, can only be deposited in the blood, so it is called uremia.

Uremic patients with oliguria or anuria, even if there is urine, urine is clear water. If the amount of urine increases and the urine becomes turbid through treatment.

Because the toxin can not be eliminated, forced to deposit in the blood, so the harm of uremia to the body is comprehensive.

Blood runs all over the body, and toxins are carried around the body by the blood. This is the root cause of the strange symptoms of uremia patients: at this time, the injured is not only the kidney, but also the digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, reproductive system, urinary system and so on, which are severely damaged, so the symptoms are all-round.

Is it necessary to treat uremia?

My suggestion is to stick to treatment. After all, it's more important to live than anything else. Everything is possible only to live.

How long can uremic patients live?

This is another issue of concern to all.

In fact, if regular dialysis, restraint in all aspects of life and diet, uremia will not endanger life. The reason why kidney disease is called "immortal cancer" is that kidney disease itself does not cause death, the real threat comes from infection.

Because kidney disease can lead to a severe decline in immunity, sometimes a cold can kill.

So patients should pay attention on diet and treatments, which can help prolong life expectancy.


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