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Blood Purification for End Stage Kidney Failure Patients

2014-01-04 01:54

Blood Purification for End Stage Kidney Failure PatientsWhat is blood purification? And how does blood purification treat end stage kidney failure patients? In this article, we will explain the two common questions for end stage kidney failure patients.

What is end stage kidney failure?

As we know, kidney failure is a common kidney disease with the kidney function gradually reduced. Kidney failure can be divided into 5 stages, and end stage kidney failure is the advanced stage. In this stage, the kidney function has been damaged very severely, and patients will suffer from some serious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, high blood pressure and skin itching or skin rash. These symptoms are mainly caused by the reduced kidney function with the bad substances building up in blood. So patients often recommend to use some effective treatments to remove these wastes and toxins in blood.

What is blood purification?

Blood purification is an effective treatment which can help clear the blood and remove the harmful substances in blood. We have 6 common blood purification for end stage kidney failure patients, which contain hemodialysis, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemoperfusion, hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration.

How does blood purification treat end stage kidney failure patients?

As we know, for end stage kidney failure patients, their kidneys cant filter out the wastes and toxins in blood, which will make them sick. Besides the wastes flow with the blood circulation will threaten the other organs in body, so they need to have blood purifications to clear their blood. In the treatment of blood purification, the blood will circulates through out the body, and the wastes in blood will be taken away. Meanwhile, oxygens and nutritions will be brought into every part of the body.

In addition, blood purification can clear the blood effectively and quickly, which will help prevent the cardiovascular disease, the common complication of end stage kidney failure. For kidney failure patients, they can use different blood purification to purify their blood depending their specific illness condition.

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