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What Should I Do To My Husband Whose Second Transplanted Kidney Is Failed

2018-02-11 14:24

What Should I Do To My Husband Whose Second Transplanted Kidney Is Failed“Hi, doctor. My husband’s creatinine level is 3.7. His second transplanted kidney is failed again. What should I do to this query?”

Transplant is an operation in which the patients will receive the new, matching and healthy organ or tissue from the donor to make the body work well. You know, the new kidney can hold the detoxification of body, but the body will always consider it as the foreign material. This is the reason why the patients need to take anti-rejection drugs life long after transplanted. Besides, the patients are too weak to prevent themselves from some problems, cold and inflammations, for an example.

In the case, it is easy for the patients to suffer elevated creatinine level again. As a rule, the patients with creatinine 3.7 are in the third stage of kidney disease. However, it can still be repaired with effective remedies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application of Chinese herb medicines, in the period of which, the patients only need to lie on the bed with two medical bags on the low back area (or also known as Shenshu area). So that, the patients can achieve the good clinical effects on dissolving toxins, activating blood circulation, dispelling stasis, send lots of blood to the kidneys, etc. As a result, the kidney self-healing ability is enhanced, and renal function will be revived step by step.

Besides, Foot Bath, Full Bath Therapy, Acupuncture and other Chinese medications can help the patients improve renal function as well. By this way, the creatinine 3.7 can be reduced naturally.

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