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The Principle Of Rejection Of Transplant Surgery And How To Avoid Side Effect

2018-08-10 10:44

As to renal failure patients they often accept the dialysis treatment at first,but with the time goes by ,their kidney function will be lost all and they have to accept the kidney transplant to save their life.Even the transplant surgery is successful they also have to take the anti-rejection medicines to keep the transplanted kidney working normally.For to your own cells all other tissues and organs are foreign substances to them and the human body will naturally release the antibody to protect the safety of body.One thing that you and your healthcare team will watch for is acute rejection, which means that your body is suddenly trying to reject the transplanted kidney. A rejection episode may not have any clear signs or symptoms. That is why it is so important to have regular blood tests to check how well your kidney is working. Things you might notice that can let you know you are having rejection are fevers, decreased urine output, swelling, weight gain, and pain over your kidney.

The chances of having a rejection episode are highest right after your surgery. The longer you have the kidney, the lower the chance that this will happen. Unfortunately, sometimes a rejection episode happens even if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do. Sometimes the body just doesn’t accept the transplanted kidney. But even if a rejection episode happens, there are many ways to treat it so you do not lose your transplant. Letting your transplant team know right away that you think you have symptoms of rejection is very important.

To most transplanted patients they are always suffering from the new kidney,with the time goes by they have taken more and more anti-rejection medicines and have so worse side effect to their health,then they often get the cold ,fever or other infections easily in their daily life,that meana their immune system has been damaged badly, then if it is possible to accept another reasonable treatment to improve the kidney function I suggest you ‘s better choose other treatment except the transplant, at present more and more kidney patients are accepting the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have obtained satisfied treatment effect, if you or your friends have the similar questions or want to know more detailed information about the natural treatment please contact us through following:


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