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Foamy Urine After Transplantation Should I Concern It

2018-04-09 14:15

Foamy Urine After Transplantation Should I Concern ItAfter transplantation, the patients can return to the normal life with so much limitations. Moreover, the patients must take good care of themselves to prevent another kidney failure which required dialysis and transplant. In this case, some patients wonder should I concern foamy urine after transplantation?

Foamy urine

Once foamy urine appears, the patients would better to take the urinalysis to see the main ingredients of urine. If it showed protein positive, 24 hour protein urine quantification test is needed.


Generally speaking, transplantation is an operation in which the patients will adopt a or a part of the matching and healthy organ or tissue from the donor to revive the physiological function. However, our body will always considered the transplanted organs and tissues as a enthetic material. as a result, the patients have to take the anti-rejection-medicines life long.

Back to the renal transplantation, the protein urine presenting as foamy urine can influence the prognosis. Frankly speaking, protein in urine stands for a medical situation when the glomerular can not prevent the protein from leaking from the blood, and the long time protein urine will worsen the kidneys rapidly. In brief, the patients had better adopt an available treatment to dispel the foamy and recover diseased kidneys.

Treatment option.

There are many treatments in clinic to help the transplanted patients recover, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and so on. However, the patients would better to take the most appropriate remedy so as to get recovered with less side effects.

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