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How To Prolong The Life Expectancy Of Transplanted Kidney Patients

Why kidney failure patients take kidney transplant? The answer is that we all want to prolong life expectancy. As we all know, transplanted kidney can not last forever. So how to prolong the life expectancy of transplanted kidney patients ha...Read More

Foamy Urine After Transplantation Should I Concern It

After transplantation, the patients can return to the normal life with so much limitations. Moreover, the patients must take good care of themselves to prevent another kidney failure which required dialysis and transplant. In this case, som...Read More

What Should I Do To My Husband Whose Second Transplanted Kidney Is Failed

Hi, doctor. My husbands creatinine level is 3.7 . His second transplanted kidney is failed again . What should I do to this query? Transplant is an operation in which the patients will receive the new, matching and healthy organ or tissue f...Read More

What Is The Highest Creatinine Level That You Can Live Without Dialysis

Patient 12-17 14:33:30 Whats the highest creatinine level that you can live without going on dialysis? Kidney expert 12-17 14:33:43 It depends on illness condition. If the patients have some serious complications, they may start dialysis wh...Read More

How to Control Creatinine 3.8 for a Transplanted Patient

Why is creatinine elevated again after transplant? How to control creatinine 3.8 for a transplanted patient? Is another dialysis and transplant needed in this case? Transplant is to put the healthy organ in the patients with serious conditi...Read More

When Kidney Failed Again, What Should posted Transplant Patients Do

After kidney transplanted, the kidney will failed again as a result of the years damage from immune system. Nevertheless, what should posted transplant patients do? In fact, the new kidney will always be deemed as a foreign matter and the i...Read More

What If Kidney Failure Reoccur Again After Kidney Transplanted

After kidney transplanted, the patients can live a relative normal life with taking the immunosuppressive drug regularly. Since the body will considered the new kidney as the foreign material, the kidney will be damaged bit by bit. While, w...Read More

How to Treated the Relapse Kidney Disease after Kidney Transplant

How to treated the relapse kidney disease after kidney transplant? Need I take dialysis and kidney transplant once more? Can your treatments help me? As a matter of fact, it is easy for the patients get ill with kidney disease after more th...Read More

Is There Any Possible for Me to Stop Dialysis Besides Transplant

Hi. I have been on dialysis for four years. Is there any possible for me to stop dialysis besides kidney transplant ? He is a kidney failure patient. I believe not only him but also other patients want to get rid of the dialysis due to its...Read More

Kidney Transplanted and Blood in Urine, What Should We Do

If the kidney transplanted patients have blood in urine, what should we? What does the blood in urine mean for a kidney transplanted patients? The blood in urine may be caused by the infections or the kidney injury. If it is because of the...Read More