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Is There Any Possible for Me to Stop Dialysis Besides Transplant

Hi. I have been on dialysis for four years. Is there any possible for me to stop dialysis besides kidney transplant ? He is a kidney failure patient. I believe not only him but also other patients want to get rid of the dialysis due to its...Read More

Kidney Transplanted and Blood in Urine, What Should We Do

If the kidney transplanted patients have blood in urine, what should we? What does the blood in urine mean for a kidney transplanted patients? The blood in urine may be caused by the infections or the kidney injury. If it is because of the...Read More

How to Remedy Blood in Urine for A Kidney Transplanted Patient

Hello, doctor. I have blood in urine for two months. And I take the kidney transplant ten years age. Now, I am 32 years old. This is from an Indian female patient. As a matter of fact, the patients who have accept the kidney transplant will...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Way to Save CKD Patients

Generally speaking, kidney transplant is the last way to save the CKD patients. But, is kidney transplant the only way to save CKD patients? Kidney transplant is an operation in which the damaged kidney will be replaced with a healthy and m...Read More

What Food Should the Kidney Transplant Patients Refuse

If one has successfully adopted kidney transplant, is that means the patients can live a normal life and have all the foods? As a matter of fact, there are still lots of limitations of the diet for kidney transplant patients. And then, what...Read More

What Is the Treatment to Itching Skin for Kidney Transplant Patients

For kidney transplant patients, if they can not always take careful in the daily life, the kidney will be injured badly rapidly. Even if the patients follow all the demands, the kidney failure will come back after about 10- 20 years. Do you...Read More

What Can We Do If Kidney Failure Comes Back After Kidney Transplant

For the patients who accepted kidney transplant after a long time dialysis, they are afraid of that the kidney failure will come back. It is because that the body will consider the new kidney as a foreign matter, and that the immune system...Read More

Can PKD Come Back After Kidney Transplant

As we all know, kidney transplant, a common treatment to kidney diseases including PKD, is an operate in which the damaged kidney will be replaced with a healthy and matching one from donor. Actually, it is hard to find a suited kidney. The...Read More

How to Manage the Fluctuates Creatinine Level after Transplant

Generally speaking, there is an obvious decrease in creatinine level within 24 hours after receiving a kidney transplant, and it can decline to the normal range of creatinine after 72 hours. While some patients need about a week to achieve t...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant the Last Hope for Kidney Failure Patient

It is said that kidney transplant is one of the best choice for kidney failure patient, then is it the last hope for them?...Read More