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How Is Lupus Deadly

2013-11-14 11:04

How Is Lupus DeadlyLupus, also known as SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), is one autoimmune disease in which many organs and systems are involved. Meanwhile, Lupus symptoms are usually so aggressive that patients can’t help asking: how is Lupus deadly?

Lupus and patients’ health

Generally, Lupus is related to many conditions such as inherited factor, environment, sex hormone, immune disorder, etc, rather than one simple pathogenic factor. The above conditions work together that can activate T and B cells, produce antibodies and then form immune complexes. Finally, Lupus occurs and progresses.

The immune complexes can build up in any part of the body via blood circulation, leading to damage to corresponding region. Skin, bone, kidney, lung, heart, blood, etc, are most commonly invaded by Lupus.

If left alone, Lupus can develop to kidney failure, heart failure or lung failure, etc. All of them can affect patients’ healthy condition largely, while some of them may even threaten patients’ life. Therefore, we can know uncontrolled Lupus is deadly.

How to treat Lupus effectively?

Because the onset of Lupus is due to abnormal immune system and too many immune complexes in bloodstream, the treatment should be able to deal with these two aspects. In view of this, Lupus Nephritis patients can try polluted blood therapy.

Polluted blood therapy is one great breakthrough based on blood purification technic and Chinese medicines. In first step, blood purification technic such as plasma exchange and immune adsorption is used repeatedly, in order to remove most of immune complexes from the body. In second step, Chinese medicines which have an effect of dissolving immune complexes and boosting blood circulation are taken, so as to clear the remaining pathogenic factors out of the blood. In the last step, some other herbs are prescribed to normalize immune system and deal with Lupus radically.


With polluted blood therapy, Lupus patients can regain clean internal environment and normal immune system, and they can also get rid of life-threatening complications. If you are tormented by Lupus and want to be the next one to get recovery of this disease, you can ask help from doctors in kidney treatment clinic, by leaving a message below.

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