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Why Does the Lupus Nephritis Relapse After Transplant

The natural treatment can help the lupus nephritis patients adjust the abnormal immune system...Read More

The Reasons And Treatments Of Swollen Feet In Lupus Nephritis

“I am a patient with swollen feet In Lupus Nephritis, what could be causing this? Can it be relived? Is dialysis a must in the End Stage Renal Disease? Or is it possible to avoid dialysis? Are there any alternative treatments”? one patie...Read More

Creatinine 374 in Lupus Nephritis Weakness Can Be Released Naturally

It is common for the lupus nephritis patients with a high creatinine level to undergo weakness. Furthermore, the weakness will bother the patients daily life a lot. So, I objective to show you the weakness can be released naturally with cre...Read More

Lupus Nephritis Are There Any Treatments With out Dialysis to Creatinine 700

Creatinine 700 umol/L is close to the standard dialysis level (707 umol/L). And for lupus patients, it would be more serious due to the abnormal immune system. While, are there any treatments to control this condition with out dialysis? Lup...Read More

What Option Should We Do If Creatinine Level is 392 in Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis is a renal inflammation caused by ourselves abnormal immune system. While, what option should we do if creatinine level is 392 in lupus nephritis? What would happen provided there is creatinine 392 in lupus nephritis? You kn...Read More

Which Medication Should Lupus Nephritis Patients Take for Swollen Legs

In a general way, swollen legs can be the first obvious sign of the lupus nephritis, resulting in pain, difficulty moving, elevated blood pressure and other problems. So, which medication should lupus nephritis patients take for swollen leg...Read More

Lupus Nephritis and GFR 26% What Should We Do To Prevent Dialysis

For lupus nephritis patients, GFR 26% means the serious kidney damage in which the patients will have increased creatinine level, terrible internal environment, blood in urine, proteinuria, edema and other troubles. While, what should we do...Read More

How Your Therapies Work for My Daughter with Lupus Nephritis

Recently, we receive a message showing how your therapies work for my daughter from a father. He also give us the test results, in which RBC 2.59, HB 8.0, Urea 14.6, Creatinine 720 and Total Calcium 2.28. Here is a reply from our doctor....Read More

Creatinine 6.2 Swelling in Both Legs Can Lupus Nephritis Be Cured

Creatinine shows a serious kidney conditions when the lupus nephritis patients suffer from so many discomforts or even life danger. However, can lupus nephritis be cured if there are creatinine 6.2 and swelling in both legs? What if creatin...Read More

Creatinine 446 and Lung Edema, Is There Any Cure For Lupus Patients

Lung edema would bother the patients normal life a lot and make the patients in life danger. And thus, is it related to the high creatinine level or lupus? Is there any cure for lupus patients with creatinine 446? What should we do right aw...Read More