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Lupus Nephritis and Creatinine 4, How to Improve the Renal Function

Lupus Nephritis is one of the serious complication of systemic lupus erythematosus, in which the abnormal immune system will attack the kidney. And thus, the patients will have so much discomforts as the renal function is less and less. Whi...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment to Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis refers to a medical condition in which the kidney is damaged by the abnormal immune system. Usually, the patients will take steroids or dialysis, even transplant. Owing to various account, more and more lupus nephritis are e...Read More

Which Treatment is Better to Foamy Urine in Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis intends there are inflammations in the kidney. As the kidney can not operate well, the patients will have trouble with foamy urine. While, which treatment is better to foamy urine in lupus nephritis? What is the foamy urine?...Read More

How to Treat Poor Appetite with Lupus Nephritis other than dialysis

Poor appetite is not a serious symptoms of lupus nephritis. Nonetheless, it can give rise to anemia, fatigue and hypoglycemia. So, how to treat poor appetite with lupus nephritis other than dialysis? What is the cause of poor appetite for l...Read More

Can Herbal Medical Reduce Blood in Urine for Lupus Nephritis patients

Can herbal medical reduce blood in urine for lupus nephritis patients? What is the reason why blood in urine appears on lupus nephritis patients? How herbal medical works to treat the lupus nephritis patients with blood in urine? You can fi...Read More

Is There an Alternative Treatment for One with Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis, as an inflammation of kidney, often results from systemic lupus erythematosus. People suffering from lupus nephritis usually undertake overmuch pains that come from a series of syndromes which include fever, high blood pres...Read More

What are the Alternative Treatments for Lupus Nephritis Patients with Itching

As well all know, lupus nephritis is a kind of autoimmunity disease, which featured as countless erythemas located in peoples face or neck. People once have been diagnosed as lupus nephritis, a series of syndromes appear, which leads a nega...Read More

Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Survive Without Kidney Transplant

Lupus nephritis, as a autoimmunity kidney disease, features as swelling, poor appetite, decreased weight, lacking in strength,fever. People with lupus nephritis are more likely to inject virus as well as outside attacks. Clinical feature of...Read More

What Treatment is Effective for Treating Lupus Nephritis

In general, the Doctor will prescribe some medicines to relieve the symptoms of Lupus Nephritis and restrain their immune reaction...Read More

Lupus Nephritis Patient Should Pay Attention to High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is closely associated with Lupus Nephritis,The incidence rate of elevated blood pressure increases gradually along with the duration of LN...Read More