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Will Dialysis Help Restore Kidney Function in Lupus Nephritis

2014-07-29 06:06

Will dialysis help restore kidney function in Lupus Nephritis ? If you want to know the answer, you need to know clear what is dialysis and the function of it. Next, let us learn it together.

What is dialysis ?

dialysis is the most common type of blood purification and also the major choice for kidney failure patients to sustain their life. It involves the artificial process of diffusion and ultrafiltration from the blood because the kidneys are defective. In medicine, there are different types of dialysis and the most commonly used two are: Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis. If you want to know more details about it, you can click

What is the function of dialysis ?

From the definition of it, we know that it is a replace treatment of kidney. So it can replace renal to excreted the toxins and wasts accumulate in the body and help patient to liver better and longer, but it can not restore kidney function nor protect the remaining kidney.

So for patient with Lupus Nephritis, if they want to restore kidney function, dialysis is not the right choice. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an unique therapy in curing Kidney Disease, including Lupus Nephritis is the better choice. It is highly recommended for patients who still have urine output, as it has been proven to be able to improve kidney function. It is a combination of Chinese herbs and advanced medical device-osmocope. In this herbal treatment, different herbs are used and this is closely based on patients’s illness condition. There are totally 9 types of prescription and each of them includes different herbs. The usage of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is divided into different steps. For further informations, you can consult our online doctors.

From this article, we know that dialysis can not help to restore the kidney function in Lupus Nephritis. If you have other question, please email us. Our email:

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