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How to Treat Lupus Nephritis by Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine

2015-06-29 17:12

How to Treat Lupus Nephritis by Western Medicine and Chinese MedicineHow to treat Lupus Nephritis by Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine ? In fact, systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease. It is a kidney damage which is caused by antibodies and immune complexes depositing in kidneys.

Why it is difficult to treat lupus nephritis ?

There are two reasons: one is to cleanse toxic and harmful substances in blood (antibodies and immune complexes ); the other is to discharge toxic and harmful substances depositing in kidneys.

No matter western medicines or Chinese medicines should aim to achieve these two goals. Only in this way can lupus nephritis be treated radically.

Western medicines for lupus nephritis

Western medicines take effect quickly and various clinical symptoms will be improved obviously in a short time. Plasma exchange is effective to discharge toxic and harmful substances in blood, which slows down kidney damage so most hospitals adopts this treatment plan. However, immune complexes depositing in kidneys cannot be well removed so it is difficult for kidney function to be recovered.

Chinese medicines for Lupus Nephritis

Chinese medicines cleanse toxins in blood through improving immunity. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can reactivate and restore kidney function and then make use of kidney’s own function to discharge toxins in the body.

As for removing immune complexes depositing in kidneys, Hot Compress Therapy acts on kidneys directly through double shenshu points and activate kidney microcirculation to improve renal ischemia and hypoxia state. In this way, it can achieve the purpose of cleansing immune complexes and recover kidney function. Once kidney function is recovered, it can speed up immune complexes removal, forming a virtuous circle.

In one word, Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine cooperated with each other have great effect in treating Lupus Nephritis, if you have other questions or need any help in treating this disease, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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