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How to Help Patients with Lupus Nephritis Avoid Dialysis

2016-03-19 15:43

How to help patients with Lupus Nephritis avoid dialysis? The onset of Lupus nephritis is closely associate with immune complex in glomerular deposition. It will make the body produce autoimmune antibody, along with blood circulation at different positions of the deposition in the glomerular according to its physical and chemical properties, so as to induce nephritis.

Stem Cell Therapy

As a matter of fact, people are not feel strange of stem cell therapy. It can be used in many diseases treatments. There is also can see the shadow of its in the kidney diseases. Stem cells is the original cells of human body, it has the potencies of self replication and the multipotent capability. According to that, in order to treat the damage of kidney because of lupus nephritis, the potencies of stem cells will play a great role in repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Because stem cell therapy is also able to promote blood circulation of the whole body, thus will treat lupus nephritis from root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This treatment is a brand new treatment which was invented by the experts of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital from many years’ clinical studies. Uses traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation to treat all kinds of diseases without side effects. Otherwise, this treatment treat disease by the external application which will eliminate the side effects of oral medicines. It has the same function of stem cell therapy in some fields, such as promoting blood circulation. Because enough blood is the key to support kidney far away from disease and recover kidney function.

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