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Is Chinese Medicine Therapy Helpful for Treating Lupus Nephritis with 30% Kidney Function

2016-03-26 14:46

Is Chinese Medicine Therapy Helpful for Treating Lupus Nephritis with 30% Kidney FunctionIs Chinese Medicine Therapy helpful for treating Lupus Nephritis with 30% Kidney Function? Patients should know that 30% kidney function means Lupus Nephritis has progressed into Stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The vital stage and point is coming now.

Can Chinese Medicine Therapy Can Treat Lupus Nephritis with 30% Kidney Function?

As a matter of fact, Chinese medicine therapy is able to treat kidney disease from the root. Lupus Nephritis is a kind of kidney problem which due to the immune disorder and autoimmune problems. So that treat this kind of disease should from the inner side of kidney and human organization. Chinese medicine therapy--Micro-Chinese Therapy Osmotherapy is aim at reapir kidney damage and improve kidney function.

How Does Work for Lupus Nephritis and Kidney Function?

Micro-Chinese Therapy Osmotehrapy has the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation and dilating blood vessel. Those function are aim at eliminate the inflammation due to germ and damage. So that the illness condition will be controlled well and improved well too. The kidney function will be improved by dilating blood vessel and promoting blood circulation. No germ and damage the function will naturally recover in the end.

Patients who are undergoing dialysis because Lupus Nephritis and Kidney Function are likely have a chance to avoid dialysis and reduce the complications. Furthermore, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can prevent patients from the side effects of dialysis, and help patients to avoid dialysis even get rid of dialysis.

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