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What are the Alternative Treatments for Lupus Nephritis Patients with Itching

2017-02-20 18:49

As well all know, lupus nephritis is a kind of autoimmunity disease, which featured as countless erythemas located in people’s face or neck. People once have been diagnosed as lupus nephritis, a series of syndromes appear, which leads a negative impact on their normal life as well as self confidence because of distributed erythemas. Usually, the traditional treatments of lupus nephritis suggested by local doctors are hormones and dialysis. Since an increasing number of people are suffering from the same disease and all eager to know what the alternative treatments for them.

According to the medical studies, there are two primary reasons leading to the occurrence of lupus nephritis. In the first place, disadvantage of autoimmunity which is related to genetic factors. In the second place, external factors, which includes injections, medicines, physical factors, living environment. Because of these factors, our immune system becomes weaker and weaker and as a result it fail to protect ourselves from outside attacks and distinguish self-cells from harmful substances. So these immune complexes as a antibody enter into blood circulation as a result polluted blood formed and renal function gets damaged. Therefore, as long as we eliminate toxins deposited in body system, can renal function begin to recover and continue to further treatments more efficiently.

Toxins-Removing Treatment is applied in clearing toxins and has extensive operated in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It used Chinese medicines promoting blood circulation and clearing polluted blood through sweating and defecating. Then Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy is suggested in order to improve renal function. It applies two bags filling with Chinese herbs to your low back area for 40 to 50 minutes. Then because of the assimilate function of our skin, the herbs collected in two bags enters into blood circulation. From this way, can renal function get a well recover.

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