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Lupus Nephritis:Creatinine 5 and Edema to Avoid Dialysis

2014-06-08 07:46

SLE patients are easily to get Lupus Nephritis.Some lupus nephritis patients suffer from creatinine 5 and edema.Meanwhile they also need dialysis in the near future.What should they do to avoid dialysis?How do they relieve creatinine 5 and edema?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

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How does lupus nephritis lead to Creatinine 5 and edema?

Lupus nephritis is mainly caused by the dysfunctional immune system.Kidney damage causes creatinine 5 and edema.Under normal circumstances,immune system protects our body from bacteria and virus.However,the dysfunctional immune system form immune complex thus accumulating in the renal area and causing inflammation response.When inflammation response continues consistently,kidney damage will occur.

Kidney has important renal functions such as filtration function and balance function.

Our body produces metabolic wastes and toxins everyday.Creatinine is one of metabolic wastes and toxins which depends on kidney to be removed out of the body in the form of urine.Filtration function is the main function.The damaged kidney leads to creatinine 5.

Our body needs water stably.The excess water will be eliminated out of the body depending on kidney.For lupus nephritis patients,the excess water will build up in our body thus leading to edema.

Creatinine 5 is a high level that patients will have dialysis in near future.Many patients are afraid of dialysis thus searching for replacement therapy to slow down the progression of kidney disease and lower creatinine level.

In our hospital,there are many treatments to lower creatinine level such as Medicated Bath and Blood Purification.Meanwhile Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also works on kidney directly thus helping kidney self-recovery.

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