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What to Do If Creatinine Level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-07-27 08:59

What to Do If Creatinine Level is 4 with Nephrotic SyndromeAfter getting diagnosed of creatinine level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome, patients may wonder what they should do to deal with the renal disorder. In this article, let’s talk about this issue. For personalized advice, chat with our online doctor for free and professional help.

How bad if creatinine level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome?

Individuals who have been diagnosed of this renal disorder are suffering from moderate kidney damage. As kidney capacity decreases, patients will experiences symptoms like proteinuria, swelling or edema, anemia, itchy skin, fatigue, etc. Without effective treatment, the disease will developed into advanced kidney damage over time. When creatinine level increases to 6 or above, dialysis is needed to sustain life.

What to do if creatinine level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome?

In order to prevent Kidney Failure, people with this disorder should adopt holistic approach which can work to normalize the high level and stop the disease’s further progression.

Currently, the most advanced method with such curative effect is herbal remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. (Click Here to watch the video introduction) 

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural treatment. Micronized herbal medicines are externally used to function to dilate the blood vessels, improve the micro-circulation, inhibit inflammation, prevent coagulation, repair the impaired kidneys, recover the renal function, and regulate the whole immune system. As kidney capacity gets restored well, increased creatinine level will be decreased naturally.

If you or someone you know is suffering from creatinine level is 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome, you are recommended to consider taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Still have any question or would like to learn more? Leave a message in the section below. Glad to share free advice!

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