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Is It Necessary To Do Renal Puncture For Nephrotic Syndrome?

2018-12-22 09:40

The doctor said to the patient:

Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease. Many diseases can result this occurring.Such as primary glomerular nephritis can cause of primary nephrotic syndrome (could not find a clear reason), but more often secondary nephrotic syndrome, such as allergic purpura in children can cause nephrotic syndrome, adult diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic small vasculitis HIV/AIDS, hepatitis b virus infection, multiple myeloma, such as common cancer, obesity, etc., can cause nephrotic syndrome.Because the etiology is multifarious, it is difficult to be diagnosed without renal biopsy.So, nephrotic syndrome should undertake kidney to wear commonly.

That's right.He's right, but does it have to be a kidney piercing?

First of all, we should also respect the fact that "kidney puncture", as a very effective and practical detection method in western medicine, has always been respected and used by many western medicine, and it really provides a lot of help for the treatment of patients' diseases.

However, only in the following two common situations will doctors recommend renal puncture for patients with nephropathy:

1, acute or chronic kidney disease, the cause is unknown;

2. Urinary protein is ineffective for any treatment;

In addition to the above two cases, as far as the current detection means is concerned, the condition of kidney friends can be confirmed by scientific detection means, and will also reduce the damage to the kidney.

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